To use this API follow those Steps:
1) Find the Country Code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code) of the Country you want to get Informations from HERE.
2.1a) Use to fetch ALL informations about the Country.
2.1b) The Server will respond you a JSON-String with all the Informations about the Country.
2.1c) Use a Function to convert the JSON-String into an array. (eg. json_decrypt($response);)
2.2a) Use to fetch certain informations about the country.
2.2b) The Server will respond you a single string with the desired Information about the Country.
2.2c) Use a Function to read out the response of the Server. Its a single string!
3) Register an account HERE.
4) Go to the UCP to get your API key.

Informations for JSON or to use at the "info=":
english_name = The english name of the country. (eg. Switzerland)
local_name = The local name of the country. (eg. Schweiz)
demonym = The name of the residents of the country. (eg. Swiss)
capital = The capital of the country. (eg Bern)
country_code = The country code of the country. (eg. CH)
tld = The Top Level Domain of the country. (eg. CH)
locale = The locale of the country. (eg. DE-ch)
language = The language of the country. (eg. German)
language_local = The language of the country in the countries language. (eg. Deutsch)
inhabitants = The inhabitants of the country as integer. (eg. 8000000)
currency = The currency ISO code of the country. (eg. CHF)
calling_code = The country code of the phone numbers from the country. (eg. +41)

Example Code to fetch a link like in PHP:
echo file_get_contents("");

Example Code to fetch a link like in PHP:
$json_obj = json_decode(file_get_contents(""));
echo $json_obj->english_name;